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Here in Chilliwack, our flower shop specializes in grab and go bouquets. This means that any time you come into our store, we have bouquets ready for you to take at various color themes and price points. If what we have available isn’t what you are looking for, one of our staff would be happy to assist you in finding or creating something that suits your needs. Our staff is committed to satisfying every customer individually, to provide you with the perfect gift for a loved one, or an arrangement to take home for yourself.

For your convenience, we also offer floral delivery. For some it may be surprising a loved one, for others convenience. Long distance customers who are not able to be present for important life events and wish to leave a small footprint with a gift appreciate this service as well. Even if you cannot be with them, giving us your special order and message to be delivered can make you feel a little bit closer.

Chilliwack Flower Shop

Our Fraser Valley flower shop guarantees your satisfaction in all that we have to offer. While bouquets are our main item at the store, we also carry a wide range of gift items, plants, planters, and you can special order flower arrangements for weddings and special events.

The arrangements and designing we do is all custom to suit you needs. We are not affiliated with any floral wire service, because we truly believe that while a picture can serve as an inspiration, the gift itself should be customized by the giver. A customer may want to add a yellow rose to their bouquet to symbolize friendship, another may want to avoid our homegrown lilies due to allergies. In any case, we believe the best gifts come from our flower shop: handpicked in our greenhouses with care, tastefully mixed with other high quality local cuts, and put together into a bouquet or flower arrangement to perfectly reflect you.

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Wedding Floral Image Credit:  Samantha Jeanine

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